Bitcoin on the Rise Once More

After peaking at $5,000 on September 1, 2017 and quickly dropping back down, is Bitcoin on the Rise again? A hard blow to Bitcoins price Last weekend we saw Bitcoin skyrocket to a new all time high of $5,000. This exceeded all predictions of Bitcoins price gain in such a short span. In only a

Bitcoin Up $2,000 in 30 Days

Up, up, and away.. Despite the recent block chain fork one month ago, Bitcoin is showing no signs of stopping its massive growth. Starting at just $2,600 at the beginning of August, Bitcoin has been on a steady upwards trend. Throughout the past month, it’s hit several all time highs. Today, we see Bitcoin sitting

Bitcoin Price Soaring, Hits $4,000

Over the weekend Bitcoin saw huge gains to the tune of $780, bringing Bitcoin to an all time high of $4,000. According to analysts, this is party due to the hard fork in the Bitcoin block chain only two weeks ago. The fork being successful has caused larger investors to take interest in Bitcoin and

Bitcoin Cash Mined its First Block

Today marks the release of Bitcoin Cash, a hard fork in the Bitcoin block chain. This has split Bitcoin into two separate block chains, making it two separate currencies.  Bitcoin Cash was launched around 8 AM ET today, facing some roadblocks along the way. This hard fork was prompted by increasing transaction fees and mining

Bitcoin Peaking to Nearly $2,900

After the price of Bitcoin reached over $3,000 in June, the price began a sharp up and down slope. After reaching a low of under $2,000 for the first time since May, today we see Bitcoin peaking to nearly $2,900 for the first time since the major price drop in mid-July.  This strong price could

Free Ether on Android

Just like with Bitcoin, there’s apps that let you earn free Ether on Android. Because Ether is less popular than Bitcoin, there’s not quite as many apps based around it. Here I’ve rounded up two Ether faucet options, one slightly better than the other. Freether Freether works a bit differently than most faucets in that you