Windows 11 – Options and System Requirements

The future is here. Ladies and gents, introducing Windows eleven, the start of a new chapter in Microsoft’s life. After 6 lengthy years, Microsoft is finally releasing a new operating system — the successor of Windows 10. This new operating system hits a little closer to home for me, having been a Windows user for basically my whole life. Though Windows eleven is to not be launched for public utilization until late 2021, the Microsoft occasion on 24th June described the entire new features of new version of Windows. I was really excited for this launch and I attended that event with high hopes. I was not disappointed. In this set of two articles, I will introduce you to the new options of Windows 11, and how to check if your system is compatible with it.

Windows eleven has a bunch of new features to create a better consumer interface for developers, gamers and the frequent man alike. From an expansive Microsoft Store to a superb gaming expertise on PCs, Windows 11 has it all. For those of you who missed the event, or just want a transient of the new working system, this is the place you possibly can study all of the new options of Windows 11.


Design is the primary distinction that you can see when you examine Windows 10 and 11. Apart from a new brand, on Windows 11, the traditional taskbar that started at the bottom left nook has now been shifted to the center. So, once you click on the start button, the start menu will now seem in the center of your screen, moderately than on the side. The Start menu has now removed the famous live tiles of Windows 10 as well.

The Settings app has additionally obtained a new look (it truly looks really nice now!). One other difference that Microsoft has introduced is that all the applications now have rounded corners. It makes the applications look a bit more pleasant to us all. Microsoft has also introduced a couple of new themes and have added onto the concept of a number of desktops. If you want to try out the a number of desktops characteristic on Windows 10, click ‘Win+Tab’ and then choose ‘+New Desktop’ on the top of the screen.

Just like that, you’ll be able to separate the completely different elements of your life on completely different computer screens. On Windows eleven, this characteristic has been enhanced by allowing customers to apply different wallpapers on completely different desktops alongside with many other features. What more are you able to want?


Imagine this state of affairs: you’re viewing a word document in your phone, and also you want to switch to your laptop to edit. Windows eleven can try this for you. With just two clicks, you can proceed your work on you laptop. Click the start menu and you will see your document within the advisable section and you’ll click on that to continue where you left off. Ever had the problem of arranging a number of windows in your screen for ease of use? Restoring down and adjusting the scale of the windows will be annoying at times. Not anymore. With the new Snap Layouts function on Windows eleven, you may restore down to any dimension you want, and seamlessly arrange the other home windows on the side nevertheless you need, to extend productivity.

Should you’re using a monitor and it’s worthwhile to step away with your laptop computer for a second, Windows eleven will automatically adjust the applications on your monitor screen to the size of your laptop computer’s screen. And when you join back to the monitor, the identical applications open up again. This is called Snap Groups. You may select to restore individual apps, or even projects at a time. And all of them are just sitting right on your taskbar. Incredible right? On browsers, in case you have a number of tabs open, you can’t really see what all the tabs show. Introducing vertical tabs. By switching to the vertical structure, you can now see what all of the tabs show easily.

Microsoft Groups:

In this pandemic, we aren’t able to satisfy anybody personally. Everything is online. Windows 11 now makes this easier. Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s very own communication app. Teams has now been integrated into Windows, right in the course of the taskbar. With one click, now you can connect with anybody.

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