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Lightning rookie quad segment Helbert: wholesale jerseys from china I want to be the first hair, I am willing to be a substitute first

Los Angeles Lightning Rookie Quarters Justin Herbert said that he did not get a team’s guarantee in a rookie season, but he was ready to work hard, whether it was a substitute or starting.

Shortly after being selected by lightning, Helbe said he is ready to compete with the old Taylor, wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys but he can accept it for yourself.

“They asked me how to look at the starting position, I said I will try my best to do everything you can do to become the best quartz,” Herbert said. “If I start, I am great, I love to play, I want to be the first. But if I have to take the replacement and learn, I will try my best to become the four-point guard I need to be.”

Helbert said that the successor of Philip Rivers made him pleading, he is ready to face challenges. Although the previous lightning is intended to make Taylor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to serve in 2020, Helbert may soon get the first position.

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