What is a Paradigm Shift?

What is a Paradigm Shift?

A Paradigm Shift is when a significant change happens – usually from one fundamental view to a different view.

In most cases, some type of major discontinuity occurs as well.

Thomas Kuhn wrote about Paradigm Shift during the early 1960s, and explained how “series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions” caused “one conceptual world view to be replaced by another view.”

In laymen terms, Paradigm Shift is a popular, or perhaps, not so popular shift or transformation of the way we Humans perceive events, people, environment, and life altogether.

It can be a national or international shift, and could have dramatic effects — whether positive or negative — on the way we live our lives today and in the future.

Paradigm Shift: 스핀카지노 A Summary

In today’s society, we’ve all witnessed a major shift already.

When we look back upo, what does this Paradigm Shift translate to with regard to human life and environmental habits?

What could be the possible outcome of such dynamic and interventional metamorphosis?

Your thoughts?

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Paradigm Shift: A Summary
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