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Rewick: cheap nhl jerseys free shipping Dolphin needs to be responsible for his speech

Remember what happened in the first week of the season? Miami dolphins burst new England cheap jerseys nfl Patriots, and then the dolphins said they have confidence in the session of the partition champion in Meidian East. Today, the season is close to the end, the patriot and dolphins meet again. This time, the patriot did not give an opponent any chance, 41-13 soldiers did not take the victory. This also helps them defended partition championship again.

The patriot Ace, Darrell Revis, said after the game: “And the hands of dolphins has been full of topics, they always like to talk about anything. I seem to have heard that they want Win us 50 points. No matter what they said, I only know that you need to use the actual performance to defend your remarks. After the first week, they should know that as the same fair, we will have once again. They should have once The speech is responsible. “

At present, the patriot has been dominated by the United States in the United States for 6 consecutive years, while the dolphins gradually gradually gradually. To challenge the patriot, the dolphins have a long time.

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