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US Federations VS Patriot Preview (Strength Comparison)

Attack articles:

An Infographic about Drop Shipping VendorsIn the United States of America, Pedton Manning, the full of blood returning to the wild horse, and the bottom of the horses and the attack front line can be completed in the bottom of the bottom. Although the offensive line of the whole season is very bad when they pass the ball, they are really good in the last game. The five players of the first one only released a protection mistake. Under the strong rush of steel people, they only let the opponent ate a murder. Compared with relatively weak pass protection, the wild horse has a lot of pavement offensive covering. The main right striker Ivan-Masis is the warpage of the pavement, in the offensive line player of the wild horse, his pavement covers the first in +5.2. And on the whole season, his pavement screening scores are 97.3, which is the best pavement cover in the league. Although there is a strong road cover, it is extremely unsatisfactory in the pavement of the wild horse. In the last weekend competition, in addition to the running guard CJ Anderson’s 34 yards of large size number rush, the wild horse held the ball 30 times only 76 yards, if this weekend, the running guards of the wild horses can not increase again, take it The United States will draw a question mark. IMOIR SANDES is the most reliable external hand of the wild horse. After completing 5 games, cheap nfl jerseys from china I will face the patriotic defensive second-wire this week, how can I take out? Play, we will wait and see.

After the main force, Julian-Edelman returned, the prince’s rapid passing attack became more threatened. In the partition finals of the anae, Braddy used the fast pass to defeat the defensive group of the chief. Braddy averages only 2.13 seconds per pass. In the game, Braddy’s 75% pass consumption is within 2.5 seconds. This high-frequency fast shot disrupts all the defensive deployments of the chief, while the entire offensive line is excellent to protect Braddy. I didn’t be killed once in the whole game, even if I was hit once. Such protection makes Braddy pass 302 yards, and takes 2 passes to Deta. If you can continue such a play, the patriot will become extremely terrible. But the patriot’s pavement offense is the largest short board across the offensive group, which is very likely to become an important factor in the finals of the United States. In the game last weekend, the patriot will only get 0.71 yards before the chief player is in contact with the ball. And on the same day, their longest-long rush came from 8 yards rushing from James White. Such a performance is absolutely not to say, once the patriot’s pass attack is targeted, the pavement attack can not be opened, and a failure is inevitable.

Defense article:

The strongest impression of the wild horse defensive group has given us a deep impression, and in the partitioning of the steel people, their rushing defensive is still dazzling. Under the leadership of the defensive end of the League League level of Delick Wolf, the wild horses have almost destroyed the steel people’s offensive lines. Wolf got 2 kills, 5 times causing four-point guards, and the scorpion score reached +2.1. Another rushing master Feng-Miller also caused the four-point guard to promote the pass, and won the highest score score of the whole team. The entire wild horse defensing group got a total of 4 killing and 20 times to cause four-point guards, the steelman quadruplicate – Rotaris Big’s entire game 48% of the time is in a state in which it is under pressure. . Although the flushing efficiency is extremely high, the second-line defense of the wild horse is destroyed in this field. Small Christ Harris injured earlier, which greatly affected his play. He made the opponent 4 times, and he won the ball and had a missed. After replacing Harris in Bradley, Robbia, this is also taken out by the steel man: the opponent gets the pass, lost 116 yards. The whole game, the wild horse lost 339 yards. And 191 yards were lost after passing. If such a bad performance is continuing, the princer’s quick pass attack will greatly benefit, and the wild horses can be reasonably dealt.

It is very different from the wild horse defensing group that the patriot’s defensive group pavement is quite good. In the last weekend competition, the patriots’ anti-wholesale jerseys only took 90 yards of running ball code and 1 time. The best in all anti-engraves is the defensive cutaway Alan-Blarach and strong guard Patrick – clock. The Bracki’s game has got the +3.1 anti-run score and won four anti-running interception. The performance of the clock is also very good, and I won 5 independent anti-running interception. His excellent anti-running ability will make the wild horses to eat. The entire patriot’s defensive group faces the emirate running guards in the game. Although the corner ganrah Ryan completed a very dreamy season, it exerted from the competition in the anae. He made the opponent completed 8 battles, lost 101 yards and 1 time. And another corner Markham-Butler is also good, although he only allows the opponent to take 58 yards, but he also allows the opponent to take a large number. The average passenger’s four-point garde is 3.13 seconds, and the patriot’s rushing is still not enough. If it is left to Pedon-Manning’s time, then the consequences will be disastrous.

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