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The present study was the first to examine the effects of HPBPT and LPBPT on physical and technical profiles during elite soccer matches. Technical performance during elite soccer matches. Physical indicators such as the total and high-intensity running distance covered in matches did not differ between HPBPT and LPBPT. Given that playing against quality opposition is associated with lower ball possession (Bloomfield et al., 2005; Lago, 2009), we expected that this would result in a greater total and high-intensity running distances being covered by LPBPT to regain possession. However, high-intensity running with ball possession in HPBPT was 31% higher than LPBPT but 22% lower without ball possession. Technical indicators were highly dependent on possession with HPBPT performing more passes, touches per possession, shots, dribbles and final-third entries than those in LPBPT. Position-specific changes were also evident for เว็บไซต์ตรง physical and technical profiles. It explores these changes through the conceptual prisms of cultural intensification, globalisation and post-modernism.

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