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When that doesn’t happen, they still load up so many data tracking cookies that even with a high end gaming computer and a dedicated broadband connection they can put a noticeable strain on things or straight up crash a browser. Moreso than any other sort of website, any given news site, especially the online mirrors for traditional newspapers, run ad banners that serve up malware that will completely ruin your computer if you allow it to load. You can’t track “monthly sales” for a website, just access calls on the server and the IPs they go to, so that’s what we ran with, and it’s junk. Back in “the dark ages” they would have to just place an ad on blind faith that it would bring in more money from increased sales than it cost to place it, and no way to know if it worked than watching their numbers. So the “highly accurate” data being given to advertisers was anything but, using it to project costs and sales next to the “murkier” (actually far more precise) numbers on print media would make it look like an unpredictable risk, and everyone was skeptical about it. Your browser might have defaulted to cached versions or not to the same effect, and of course people thought it was important to count unique IPs viewing a given page to make sure those numbers weren’t being inflated by someone just repeatedly refreshing a page, but some ISPs would give you the same IP for life, others a new one every time you dialed up, and a lot of people were using library computers which shared one IP for dozens of people in a given

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