LunarCrush’s new feature will reward users for posting opinions

LunarCrush, a popular social analytics platform, announced the launch of LunarCrush Opinions™. The company’s latest feature was designed to complement its current offering and provide insights as to how the crypto community is feeling about the market.

According to the company’s announcement, this is set to provide investors with an entirely new dimension in understanding crypto.

LunarCrush’s social intelligence for crypto is about to get smarter

The new Opinions feature will enable users to provide opinions on trending topics, sentiment on their favorite coins, the value of specific influencers, and rate the accuracy of social media posts. In a Monday Medium post, LunarCrush said that it anticipated millions of opinions to be posted each day.

LunarCRUSH Opinions

Its social analytics platform already collects well over 2 million social posts every day, which is then analyzed for a myriad of different characteristics by LunarCrush’s proprietary machine learning system. However, classifying all that data requires specific modeling, which, in turn, requires a lot of feedback. Adding feedback in the form of user-generated opinions will improve the accuracy of the information the platform provides, LunarCrush said.

“We’re excited to move into capturing the emotions of the LunarCrush community. With millions of pieces of feedback each day, not only will this provide a valuable new dimension to the crypto community, but it’ll also provide greater accuracy across all LunarCrush data,” the company told CryptoSlate.

Aside from fortifying the accuracy of its data, Opinions will also enable users to see how social sentiment differs across the globe and ultimately drive the direction in which LunarCrush grows.

“As data is collected, we’ll be providing many ways to visualize and share opinions. The most exciting thing about this is the community will be able to understand how various countries and individuals are feeling about similar topics in real-time.

LunarCrush Opinions is just one way that we’re looking to capture feedback from the community. Over time, we’re focused on the community driving the direction of LunarCrush as well as providing many tools to help onboard and educate the crypto community.”

LunarCrush ‘s new feature will reward users with 1-3 points for each opinion provided. With the ability to earn up to 90 points each day and have those points converted to LUNR tokens, the company expects

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