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Lightning four-year contract renewal first left cut

Lightning retains an important offensive group member before the start of the free player market – the first left cut off – King Dunlap.

Mastro was the running backs coach who oversaw that effort.. We are playing with Monopoly money and Get Out Of Jail FreeDun Ru’s new contract was 4 years, with a total amount of 28 million. The 29-year-old Dun Rew is full of all competitions in the 2014 season, with more than 1,000 files, only allows the opponent to complete the opponent 3 times in 625. The previous lightning introduction of Dunrad is only 2,950,000 US dollars.

Lightning offensive front lines are older, Nick Hardwick, cheap jerseys and wholesale jerseys sharp knower clary, it has been retired by injuries, so Dun Ru will be an important thing for this young attack. leader.

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