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Go up the chain of command until the bullying stops. Bullying is a behavior that is learned through life experience and observations. 1: Bullying is just a normal part of the growing up experience! It might not feel great to live through these undesirable experiences, but it is part of living and makes them stronger in the end. Getting adequate documentation might take some time, but you will eventually get enough to either remove or rehabilitate the bully. Sometimes being funny can diffuse a situation and take the bully off guard. Although upsetting, it is important to deal with bullying as quickly as possible, whether it be to “block” an e-mail address or walk away from a situation and find help. 6. Neglect: You go to a meeting, only to find out everyone else was notified that it started half an hour earlier. Solving conflicts may involve each party meeting halfway and accepting some of the blame for the incident and working things out to solve the problem. Far too long have bully victims and society in general made misinformed decisions that were based on the many bullying myths, lies, and half-truths related to this serious social problem. They tend to bully with indirect or “sneaky” means of harassment such as social isolation or covert aggression such as spreading rumors or manipulating the friendship relations within the class.

Bullying is not “normal” or acceptable social behavior and should never be ignored or tolerated under any circumstances! As a society, we tend to overlook abusive behavior that children tend to dole out to one another. Research has shown that learning to live with bullying does NOT make children tougher. As difficult as asking for help may seem to do at the time, research has shown that bullying will only stop when caring adults (parents, relatives, friends) or James Webb Farmers of North America adults in authority (teachers, principals, police) and peers (classmates) get involved. Kamaron Research Center polled thousands and students and teachers. Bullies punish students for being unsuccessful. This is a far different type of teasing than “good natured” teasing between friends and peers, when all is being done in fun, and both parties realize this. There are several types of bullying; it can be verbal, physical, mild teasing and hitting as well. Bullying and cyberbullying are taking a toll on our young people and causing all-too-many to take their own lives. Bullies indirectly take out their anger on the ones they could easily control.

This gives you the opportunity to help your child work out acceptable responses. There are 114 groups of 7 out of 800. Meaning, it could easily be assumed that out of 800 people at school, 16 James Webb Farmers of North America those could easily turn out to have a criminal record by age 30. This fact is according to a study by Leonard Eron and Rowell Huesman. Educators are judicious. Bullies are judgmental. Educators see each student’s uniqueness. However, about 50% of the parents in this survey did not see bullying as a problem for their children. It is a big deal, however, and parents must be watchful. However, children can grasp the concept of right from wrong. This is unfortunate because as we have called for James Webb Farmers of North America anti-bullying legislation in Congress, and our society seems to believe that freedom of speech does not grant someone the right to criticize someone else or another group, but in doing so we have all become hypocrites. Anti-bullying Laws can help children learn to behave as they should and help them to learn right from wrong.

These laws need to be on every book in every state in this nation. While researching my latest book on cyber-bullying, I have found bullies almost never stop their aggressive and abusive behaviour without intervention. This kind of harassment is found almost everywhere people, both children and adults, gather to learn, play, or work. It amazes me that in this day and age there are people, both kids and adults, that really believe this! Please, do what you can to help keep the laws in place and to see they are followed. To function in society, we have to have rules established and in place and we are expected to follow them. Students who are being bullied will do anything to avoid the pain and suffering. Not only was I bullied as a child, but I continue to get bullied today as an adult. Why can’t we let children know that they are just as capable of abuse as an adult is? So, why should this not be any different?

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