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Adrian Peterson said it will also fight for four or five years.US time, Wednesday, Jogged Adrian Peterson completed the first training in Arizona, he will worry about the number of Chris Johnson (23). Although he is a 28th, he is a Justin Bethel, and the two have not tied to the number of numbers, so Peterson can only accept arrangements.

Wild Horse Ring Wei Feng – Miller: I can still play ten yearsIn the last year, Feng-Miller was trained in Frank Matrisciano, Frank Matrisciano, who was named “Hell Training”. In the end, his body fat ratio drops to 6%, which can be said to have achieved remarkable results.

We can see from the cover, and his injured hands are conventional gloves. But according to reporters filmed on site, he did not only wear traditional gloves, and he also used a large amount of bandage to ensure the fixedness of his hand. Therefore, Pierre Paul will wear what kind of gloves wear on the court.

In addition to the obvious short-term influence, this injury will undoubtedly affect the long-term future of Bakatiari. He recently became the highest-end offensive front line player in NFL history, and the packaging worker hopes to be able to have active in the playoffs.

At present, the black panther record is 2 wins and 2 losses. The average score is 18.3. The ranking is 28th, the field running ball code is only 71 yards ranking 29th, but the sports ball should be the main means of the black panther attack group right.

Newton said: “No matter what the coach is doing, it is for me. Whether you call me to run, this is my job. What I do is in order to help the team, When I need to run because the defensive is loose, or this attack must be to run. My knee recovery is stronger, my running talent is back. My body is really slow. , This is a running ball or passing it. I just feel that there is no suitable opportunity to run, and the defensive players are always paying attention to me. I don’t give me the opportunity to run. “

The wildaband trainer trainer is full of beauty, and his diet is also prepared, and the injury rehabilitation has also arranged brick owners. After the 2013 season was banned, after torn ACL, he began to hire experts from various industries.

But the words come back, everything is still to mention Newton and his feet. His top three seasons were held for 7.6 times, advanced 5.6 yards, equal to a game ran 42.6 yards. Many running are the third gear and eventually get the first attack. But these did not have happened this season.

The lions agree with Stafford for 5 years. This contract is $ 135 million, including $ 92 million security income. This makes Stafford to become the highest salary player in alliances. The average annual salary of $ 27 million made him more than 25 million US dollars of Derek Carr, the Auckland raid.

And the lions completed the second key renewal period. They were previously launched with the Safety Glolo-Quin Duin 2 year $ 13 million in renewal contracts. Although we still don’t know the contract concrete, Stafford’s salary cap space in 2018 is definitely more than $ 22 million.

The four points Weista Ford and the male lion continue to be the highest salary playerThe Detroit Lion has never been very worried about the ability to leave the team’s first four-point guards – Stafford (Matthew Stafford), and they all expressed confidence in the whole summer.

Stafford was just a season of reaching a chance before, it was a 12-time passenger ball in a rookie season. In 2011 to 2016, he passed at least 4250 yards 20 times each season and at least 65% in the past two seasons. His quarter-off guards in the past four seasons have been between 84.2 to 97. In short, his ability has stabilized and does not show signs of retreat.

The problem of the lions before Stafford came to the team. Since Stafford joins the team, their problems appear in addition to each location except for quartz. In the case of now exquisite quartz, the lions retain Stafford is a very sensible decision.

According to the professional football focused network data, although the chest injury is absent cheap jerseys from china the seventh to the ninth week, Baktiari will play 758 sets of offensive this season, only for the opponent to get 1 killing and only 4 fouls. Such a performance allowed his fourth time to select a professional bowl and won a 4-year $ 105.5 million renewal contract.

The New York Giants’ defensive end of the New York Giants participated in the training from last week, which is also his first participation in the team training since its infireworks in July this year.

NFL TV reporter Ian RapoPort reported on the report on the informed people reported that the left tunnel David – Baktiari was seriously injured in the training. Lobport said that Baktiari was considered to be torn before the knee, which means his season ended.

Miller said: “Before that, I feel that I am rocking superstar. I can do whatever I want, the snap season is not very training. I only think: & lsquo; playing is playing, other, I can also do it. My mentality has changed, I want to work hard to improve myself to the new level. My eyes and doing things have also changed. I am more concerned about training and nutrition balance, and finally cultivate new lifestyles for myself. “

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