Free Ether on Android

Just like with Bitcoin, there’s apps that let you earn free Ether on Android. Because Ether is less popular than Bitcoin, there’s not quite as many apps based around it. Here I’ve rounded up two Ether faucet options, one slightly better than the other.


Freether works a bit differently than most faucets in that you collect every 3 minutes instead of 5 or 30. The payouts are pretty good if you’re willing to be on your phone every 3 minutes, but it can get tiring.

How it works is you open the app, tap “Claim Free Ether” and wait for the 3 minute timer to count down. You can leave the app while this countdown takes place. After 3 minutes a short ad will pop up and you will be rewarded with 0.0000100 Ether. Rinse and repeat until you earn 0.01 Ether total and the app will prompt you for your Ether address for payout.

You won’t get rich with this method, but with minimal effort you can earn about 15 cents a day. Not bad for something you do in your free time.

ETH Reward

ETH Reward (referral code: eth18506) works on a 5 minute timer. The rewards are quite a bit less overall than Freeth, but the 5 minute timer is a bit more manageable than the 3 minute timer of the former.

How this app works is there’s 5 buttons that reward you a fraction of an Ether, each one having a chance of displaying an ad when pressed. I’ve found only one or two ads pop up of all the 5 buttons, so you’re not exactly spammed with ads. The ads only appear for a couple seconds then you’re able to move onto the next button.

The payout threshold on this app is much lower at .003 Ether, but as previously mentioned the rewards appear to be lower overall. To compensate for the lower payout, they do have double Ether hours where all rewards are doubled.

I’ve found it best to have both installed, as they compliment each other well. Roughly every two rewards from Freeth you can get one reward from ETH Reward.

If you decide to use either of these apps, don’t forget to use the referral codes! They cost you nothing but a few seconds of your time, and you can help our website as you earn Ether for yourself. It’s a win win!

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