Chinese citizens are showing more interest in Web 3.0

Over the past few years, the Chinese government declared a full-fledged war on the crypto industry, barring its citizens from carrying out either trading activities or mining digital assets. 

While this action has led to the demise of many crypto-related firms in the country, interest in the industry appears unaffected as a recent tweet from a foremost Chinese crypto reporter has revealed that interest in Web 3 is surging.

Chinese are interested in Web 3.0

According to Colin Wu, search interest for “web3/web3.0” has surged recently largely thanks to interest from Asian powerhouses like China, South Korea and Singapore. He continued that data from Baidu, a foremost Chinese search engine, also corroborates the above.

Google Trends shows that the search interest for “web3/web3.0” has soared recently, and the search interest mainly comes from China, South Korea, Singapore and other countries. Chinese search engine Baidu also shows that “web3.0” search popularity has soared.

— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) December 13, 2021

In recent days, interest in Web 3 and the Metaverse has spiraled largely due to Facebook’s rebranding to Meta plus the sudden resignation of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey in order to focus on blockchain technology.

All of this has had a positive effect on NFT/Metaverse-related projects which were the only digital assets that were performing well despite the market-wide correction.

In essence, despite the Chinese government’s best efforts to rein in interest in the crypto space, available data has now proven that while governments can try to regulate or curtail exposure of their citizens to the space, interest in the sector is only going to keep rising regardless of their intentions.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is widely regarded as the future of the inherent. According to experts, it is set to be a huge paradigm shift as it is built on decentralization, greater user freedom and openness.

Many have argued that the Web 3.0 would be where activities carried out in the real world could also be replayed in the virtual world i.e. users will be able to collaborate and interact like they ordinarily would do in the real world.

To make all of this possible, Web 3.0 would be dependent on blockchain technology which would also bring the burgeoning crypto field into the space thereby allowing the nascent industry to make a more profound impact than it is presently doing.

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