Fantom Rebounds 45% on Andre Cronje Comeback Speculation

Key Takeaways Fantom has risen by more than 45% over the past three days.  The rally follows a proposal from Andre Cronje on a possible solution to help fUSD return to its... Read more »

Maker Up 11% Despite Terra CEO’s Pledge to Kill DAI

Key Takeaways MKR, the governance token of the Maker protocol, has risen 11% Tuesday. Maker appears to be benefitting from UST’s recent de-pegging event which saw the dollar pegged asset slip to... Read more »

DeFi Hacker Steals $13.4M in DEUS Finance Attack

Share this article The DEUS team said that user funds were safe.  DEUS Finance Suffers Flash Loan Exploit  DEUS Finance DAO is the latest DeFi protocol to suffer a major attack.  The... Read more »

Kusama Rallies 13% After Crowdloan Token Unlock 

Key Takeaways KSM, the native token of the Kusama network, surged 13.5% Monday. 1.1 million KSM tokens locked up from the network’s first five parachain auctions have been returned to holders. Despite... Read more »

The Latest Ethereum NFT Craze? Four-Digit Numbers

Key Takeaways Sales of four-digit ENS domains have skyrocketed as collectors rush to own one of only 10,000 possible combinations. The current number mania has resulted in ENS domain sales hitting their... Read more »

Solana on the Verge of Major Price Movement

Key Takeaways Solana is up by more than 40% from the $36.20 low hit on May 12.  Still, the token appears to be locked in a consolidation pattern. An hourly close outside... Read more »

As the Market Bleeds, Bitcoin Dominance Hits Seven-Month High

Key Takeaways Bitcoin’s market cap dominance is holding above 45% for the first time since October 2021. The top crypto’s dominance over the market has surged since Terra’s implosion last week. Bitcoin... Read more »

Stablegains Faces Lawsuit After Losing $44M on UST

Key Takeaways Yield generation app Stablegains is facing a lawsuit after losing $44 million of users’ funds. Despite previously claiming it used USDC to generate yields, a recent update revealed the company... Read more »

Despite Merge Hype, Ethereum Is at Risk of a Correction

Key Takeaways Ethereum looks weak around the current price levels as trading volumes decreases. Although Ethereum is expected to complete “the Merge” to Proof-of-Stake this year, market sentiment is at a low.... Read more »

Is Tether’s USDT Going to Pull a UST? Probably Not

Key Takeaways Following Terra’s UST collapse, Tether’s USDT market cap has dropped by over $9 billion. The recent redemptions of USDT for dollars have led some to once again question the collateral... Read more »