GPU Effeciency

The following table shows various graphics cards, their wattage, hashes per second based on Dagger Hashimoto, and how many hashes per watt can be expected. Some graphics cards don’t have a hashrate, in which case only their wattage will be displayed.

GPU Watts Hashrate(Dagger) Hashes/Watt
GTX 1080ti 250 35Mh/s 140Kh/w
GTX 1080 180 27.63Mh/s 153.5Kh/w
GTX 1070 150 28.69Mh/s 192.3Kh/w
GTX 1060 100 20.13Mh/s 201.3Kh/w
 GTX 980ti  250  21.57Mh/s
 GTX 980  220  20.28Mh/s
 GTX 970  150  22.21Mh/s