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FBitMaker Logoree bitcoins without being assaulted with ads? Usually something impossible to find, but Bitmaker hits the mark. This Android app allows you to watch a short ad (5 to 30 seconds) in exchange for a few Satoshi. Every 30 minutes you simply tap a button, watch the short ad, and are rewarded with ~50 Satoshi. No bullshit. The payout limits are very low, too. The app uses a unit called “blocks” (I’ve yet to convert what this actually translates to in bitcoin), and it pays 500 blocks every ad. After about 40,000 blocks, you can claim your payout. The best part? They actually pay! Payouts happen every Friday (must claim by Wednesday) and can be paid out in either Bitcoin or Etherium.

While your waiting for the 30 minute timer to refresh, you can also check out their offer wall (Called tasks). These offers range from installing and opening an app all the way to signing up for subscriptions. The subscriptions may actually be ones you’re interested in, too. I’ve seen offers from Hallmark, Hulu (big payout!) and Dollar Shave Club. These offers generally pay out much more, anywhere from 20,000 blocks for the apps all the way up to over a million blocks for the Hulu task. Unfortunately, some of the tasks lead to dead pages or the incorrect app, but that doesn’t happen very frequently.

If you’re interested you can find it on the Google Play store by searching for “BitMaker” or by clicking here to be taken directly to the app page. If you decide to install this app, you can use my referral code DO45FR which will give a small kickback to myself, helping further the development of this site. Don’t worry, using the referral code doesn’t take anything away from you and doesn’t reveal any personal information.

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