Bitcoin Value Spikes to $3,100 Overnight

Bitcoin (BTC) reached an all time high today of $3,100. After a series of peaks and valleys, Bitcoin skyrocketed in price over a 30 minute span Friday night. Today it still maintains a staggering amount, despite the recent release of Bitcoin Cash. The last time Bitcoin reached an amount this high was in July, only touching the $3,000 mark. Today, it’s happily sitting at a huge increase of $270 since last night. Those who invested in Bitcoin only a week ago saw a hefty 15% increase in their investment.

This new price comes after the recently released Bitcoin Cash, a hard fork in the Bitcoin block chain. Many speculated that the release of Bitcoin Cash would cause Bitcoin to crash, but it’s done quite the opposite. Will it be able to maintain this crazy upwards trend over the weekend, or can we expect the price to come crashing down in the coming hours this Saturday morning?

An all time high of $3,100 after a split in the block chain is crazy considering many expected the new currency to crash the price of the original Bitcoin. This could potentially be good news for past and future investors of Bitcoin if it continues the upwards trend. Some currency experts expect it to reach $10,000 per coin in the coming year, and it very well might if it keeps rocketing over $200 per night.

Where do you expect Bitcoin to stabilize at? Leave your predictions below in the comments.

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