Bitcoin Price Continues to Rise – Peaks at Nearly $3,400

The trend continues…

A couple days ago we discussed Bitcoin peaking at an all time high of $3,100. Two days later it continues the upwards trend. Today around 8:30AM it reached nearly $3,400 before settling back at a very impressive $3,380.

Bitcoin 24 hour price

With the release of Bitcoin Cash only a week ago, many expected the market of Bitcoin to crash in favor of the new currency. This couldn’t be rather from the case, as just under $3,400 marks an all time high yet again for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash also on the rise..

The newly released Bitcoin Cash also experienced a large surge today. Shortly after release Bitcoin Cash experience a surge to nearly $900 before a steady decline to $200. Today Bitcoin Cash rose from a mere $240 to over $360 before settling back to $330.

Bitcoin cash 24 hour price

This is good news for initial investors of Bitcoin Cash, but still making those who purchased at the $900 market nervous as to whether their investment will pay off or not.

With the continued rise of both currencies it may be a better time than every to invest money in these cryptocurricies. We’re likely to see Bitcoin Cash see the largest gains in the coming months, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Bitcoin increases, either.

Stay tuned for more pricing updates in the coming days.

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